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Need To Recover Your Data Near Lewisville?

Looking for a professional data recovery experts near you to get your data recovered from any of your electronic devices? Our expert data recovery technicians here at Expert Mac Repair are here to help. We provide recovery services from mobile phones, laptops, tablets, desktops, external hard drives, flash drives and many more. The first step for data recovery is to check the condition of the data recovery device that you have and depending on the condition of your data recovery media, the difficulty of data recovery varies. Sometimes we just need to pull the internal hard drive or storage media from the device and we will be able to recover the data but in some cases your device should be sent to a data recovery lab with state of the art equipment for data retrieval. So, if you’re panicked about getting your data recovered after accidentally deleting them, from a dead computer or liquid damaged storage media or physically damaged storage media then you can contact us to schedule an appointment for a diagnostic on your device for data recovery.


Some Of Our Common Data Recovery And Migration Services

  • Computer Hard Drive Data Recovery Service
  • External Hard Drive Data Recovery Service
  • Mac Data Recovery Service
  • Windows Laptop Data Recovery Service
  • Solid State Drive Data Recovery Service
  • Accidentally Deleted Data Recovery Service
  • New Computer Data Transfer Service
  • Virus Infected Data Recovery Service
  • Liquid Damage Device Data Recovery Service
  • Computer Data Cloning and Transfer Service
  • Windows Computer To Apple Mac Data Transfer Service
  • Computer Blue Screen Data Transfer Service

Computer Data Recovery

The computer is one of the most powerful data storage machine which keeps all your data and information safe for you. But what happens when your computer breaks down or does not turn on? Is the data still safe and secure? Or is all your information gone along with the computer. Therefore, it is very essential to always keep your computer data backed up. In most cases, the data on the computer doesn’t disappear as soon as the computer stops functioning because the data is stored on the computer storage media ( Hard Disk Drive or Solid State Drive ). Until and unless there is damage on the storage media, your data is most likely safe.

Desktop Computer Data Recovery

Windows Desktop Computer

Mac Desktop Computer

Laptop Computer Data Recovery

Windows Laptop Computer

Mac Laptop Computer

Hard Drive Data Recovery Lewisville

Expert Mac Repair will help you recover your information from the hard drive of any model, brand, working state utilizing standard hardware or software data recovery technology. Our group of affirmed data recovery experts will recuperate your information regardless of whether the hard drive issue is caused by software or physical. We can recover information from your hard drive with physical issues like platter harm, a clicking sound, scratched, torn heads, deadheads, stuck engine, water damage, fire damage drives, accidentally deleted data, etc. In the event that you have any of these issues, you can always call our experts to help you with the recovery process.

Usually you try a couple of data recovery programs to see if it is possible but when you can’t get to your information even after doing so then the main thing you attempt to do is fix it without help from anyone else. However, don’t attempt to open your hard drive without anyone else on the grounds that it can make irreversible damage to your hard drive and your information can be for all time lost. Connect with us and let our specialists do the work. We do data recovery from any working framework including Apple macOS, Windows operating system, and Linux operating system, with any record framework including NTFS, APFS, ExFAT, FAT32, EXT3, EXT4, BTRFS, XFS, etc.

How Hard Drive Functions?

Hard Drive comprises of numerous parts like axle, platter, head, arm pivot, actuator, locking pin, airflow track, air filter pillow, ribbon cable, IC logic board, PCB board, power supply, etc. Regardless of whether one segment quits working your hard drive will quit working or the hard drive’s ability to read and write data deteriorates which can bring about lost data. The platter is a magnet covered circle which turns constantly. Your information and records are saved into the various pieces of the platter, and the head moves over the platter to read and write information. For instance when you click on the photograph on your PC the head moves to the area on the platter where that photograph is put away and it will then, at that point move that photograph to the PC framework memory/RAM, then you can see that image on the screen.

We do information recuperation from any brands of hard drive including Western Digital, Seagate, Toshiba, Samsung, Iomega, Sony, Inland, G-Innovation, Hitachi, Fujitsu, Maxtor, Quantum, Intel, etc.

SSD Data Recovery Near Lewisville

Is your SSD not working? Did you erase your information on SSD accidentally? Are you looking for a data recovery service for your SSD? Try not to stress PC Expert Mac Repair is here to help you recover your data. SSD stands for Solid State Drive which means it doesn’t have any moveable parts inside like a standard hard drive. SSD has a non-volatile chip inside which makes accessing data quicker than analyzing the platter in HDD. It also consumes less energy than hard disk and is more reliable than hard disk drive.

Strong State Drive (SSD) is fundamentally a circuit board that comprises of parts like capacitors, resistors, power supply, drivers, and different chips. These electronic segments fluctuate now and again due to different reasons like voltage variance, age, actual harm, fluid harm, etc. At the point when it bombs it very well may be exceptionally hard to recover your information.

Ordinarily data recovery on SSD is hard to do in comparison to Hard Drive. Try not to stress Expert Mac Repair is here to help, we have a group of data recovery specialists who have years of experience to recover data from SSD in any circumstance. We will get your data back regardless of the issue. We do SSD chip swap, SSD circuit board repair , SSD firmware fix, SSD system repair, SSD power supply fix, etc to help recover your data.

Flash Media Data Recovery

Flash Drives are electronic storage media that uses flash memory to store information which can be accessed easily at required time. Some basic examples of flash media are SD memory, Camera memory, Flash drive, etc. Once in a while it neglects to work as a result of different reasons and you can lose admittance to information that put away in it.

Reasons For Flash Drive Failures

  • ESD or system failure
  • Virus Infection and malware assault
  • Accidentally Formatting Drive
  • Accidentally Deleting Data
  • System Errors
  • Liquid Damage
  • Software Issues
  • Overheating
  • Physical Harm

iPhone Data Recovery

Is your iPhone not turning on? Is your iPhone Stuck On the Apple Logo? Is your iPhone constantly restarting after contact with liquid? Is your iPhone not taking a charge? The worse scenario in this case is when you haven’t backed up your iPhone data to the Cloud because you might loose your data if that’s the case. The best thing to do is to always keep your iPhone data backed up but in case you didn’t do that also don’t worry because the experts are here to help. We can help you recover data from your iPhone. There are various things that could be faulty to make your iPhone non functional such as bad battery, damaged charging port, corrupt software, logic board issues, liquid damaged screen, etc. We can help recover messages, photos, videos, notes, and files from your iPhone whether they maybe accidentally deleted or due to system error.

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