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Got a Mac you need to fix? Expert Mac Repair is here to help. Our expert Mac repair service technicians have years of expertise in fixing all hardware and software issues on all Apple Mac devices including  MacBook®, MacBook Pro®, MacBook Air® Mac Mini®, iMac®, Mac Pro®, etc. Do you need a screen replacement service on your MacBook? Need to speed up your slow iMac? Want to recover data from your dead Mac Pro or want to transfer data from your windows computer to your new Mac? All services we can provide at Expert Mac Repair. Give us a call today and speak with one of our tech representative and see how we can help you get your Mac issues resolved.

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MacBook Repair

Are you experiencing reduced battery life on your MacBook? Is your MacBook working really slow? Do you need to replace your broken MacBook screen? Is your MacBook infected with virus and need to get it removed? Expert Mac Repair technicians are here to help with any kind of problems you might have with your MacBook.

MacBook Model Identifiers we provide repair service for 13-inch, 15-inch, 17-inch, Retina, Non-Retina, Unibody, MagSafe 1, MagSafe 2, USB- C, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, A1297 ,A1297, A1278, A1286, A1297, A1278, A1286, A1297, A1278, A1286, A1297, A1278, A1286, A1398 ,A1425, A1425, A1398, A1502 ,A1398,A1502, A1398, A1502, A1398, A1708, A1708, A1707, A1708, A1706, A1708, A1706, A1989,A2289, A2251, A1990,A1989, A2159, A1534, A1237 , A1304 , A1304 , A1370 , A1369 , A1370 , A1465 , A1466, A1932 , A2179, A1181, A1342, A1534.

Same Day MacBook Repairs

  • MacBook Screen Replacement
  • MacBook Battery Replacement
  • MacBook Keyboard Replacement
  • MacBook Trackpad Repair
  • MacBook macOS Install & Configuration
  • MacBook Ultrasonic Cleaning
  • MacBook SSD Upgrade
  • MacBook Hard Drive Replacement
  • MacBook Virus Removal
  • MacBook Charging Issue Repair

iMac Repair

Is your iMac running slow? Do you want to upgrade the RAM memory on your iMac? Do you need to add more storage on your iMac? Is your iMac not turning on? Does your iMac show you a flashing folder with question mark? Is your iMac stuck on the Apple Logo? No matter what issues you might have with your iMac, the expert repair technicians at Expert Mac Repair are here to help. Give us a call detailing your issues and schedule an appointment with our tech to get your iMac issues resolved.

iMac Model Identifiers we provide repair service for 20-inch, 24-inch, 21.5-inch, 27-inch, 4K Retina, Late, Early, 5K Retina, Non-Retina, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2017, 2019, A1224,A1225 , A1311 ,A1312, A1311, A1312, A1311, A1312 ,A1418, A1419, A1418, A1419,A1418, A1419, A1419, A1418, A1418, A1419, A1418, A1418 ,A1419, A2116, A2115.

Same Day iMac Repair

  • Slow iMac Repair
  • iMac Hard Drive Replacement
  • iMac SSD Upgrade
  • iMac RAM Upgrade
  • iMac macOS Install & Configuration
  • iMac Virus Removal
  • iMac Question Mark Folder Repair
  • iMac Stuck On Apple Logo Repair
  • iMac Kernel Panic Repair
  • iMac Loud Fan Repair

Mac Pro Repair

Mac Pro Model Identifiers we provide service for Power Mac Pro, Tower Mac Pro, Cylinder Mac Pro, Cheese Grater Mac Pro, Aluminum Mac Pro, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2012, 2013, 2019, A1186, A1289, A1481, A1991, A2304.

Same Day Mac Pro Repair

  • Mac pro Ultrasonic cleaning liquid damage repair service
  • Mac pro SSD upgrade service
  • Mac pro Ram/Memory upgrade service
  • Slow mac pro repair service
  • Mac pro password reset service
  • Mac pro stuck at apple logo service
  • Mac pro question mark sign repair service
  • Mac pro prohibitory sign repair service
  • Mac pro not booting repair service
  • Mac pro virus removal service
  • Mac pro OS configuration service

Mac Mini Repair

Mac Mini Model Identifiers we provide service for G4, Core Duo, Server, i5, i7, M1, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2014, 2018, 2020, A1103, A1176, A1283, A1347, A1993, A2348.

Same Day Mac Mini Repair

  • Mac mini Ultrasonic cleaning liquid damage repair service
  • Mac mini SSD upgrade service
  • Mac mini Ram/Memory upgrade service
  • Slow mac mini repair service
  • Mac mini password reset service
  • Mac mini stuck at apple logo service
  • Mac mini question mark sign repair service
  • Mac mini prohibitory sign repair service
  • Mac mini not booting repair service
  • Mac mini virus removal service
  • Mac mini OS configuration service

Our Common Repair Services For Mac

Slow Mac Repair

Expert Mac Repair Service - Slow Mac Repair Lewisville

Mac HDD/SSD Upgrade

Are you experiencing very slow performance from your Mac computer? This could happen if your hard disk drive is old or your Mac storage is nearly full. Most of the time if you need to speed up your Mac then one of the best option would be to upgrade it to a Solid State Drive or a much larger Hard Disk Drive. If you need help with upgrading your Mac storage to SSD or new HDD then contact us, our experts can take care of it for you.

Mac RAM Upgrade

If you’re running heavy processing applications like Final Cut, Logic Pro, After Effects or Auto CAD on your Mac but don’t have high RAM then your Mac is bound to be slow since these applications require the use of more RAM and since your Mac doesn’t have enough RAM your performance suffers. In some Mac the RAM can be upgraded but in some they can’t but don’t worry just give us a call detailing your Mac and we can help get your Mac RAM upgraded to your needs.

Mac OSX Software Fix

If you have a slow Mac it’s not only the fault of the hardware but the software could also be at fault causing slow performance due to incompatible macOS, virus or malware, too many startup applications, corrupt operating systems or programs and many more. Don’t worry if you need help with getting your software issues resolved, just contact our certified tech experts and we can fix your Mac software issues.

Mac Screen Repair

Expert mac Repair Service - MacBook Screen Replacement Lewisville

Cracked Screen Repair

One of the most common thing on any laptop or all in one desktop computer is damage to the screen when there is any accidental or physical damage which could end up with having a cracked screen on the display of the device. If you need immediate help with getting your Mac screen repaired then Expert Mac Repair is here to help.

White Screen Repair

Is your Mac stuck on the White screen, Apple logo loading bar, kernel panic error, not booting etc. then don’t worry we can help you with that as well. We have the solutions for all your problems with your Mac. Our experts have several years of expertise in fixing all sorts of software and hardware related issues on your Mac.

No Display Repair

Is your Mac not displaying anything on your screen? This could be because of issue with connectivity, power issue, motherboard issue or issue with the Mac screen. Don’t worry, we are here to help. We will diagnose your Mac for all possible component or software issue and give you the best repair solution for your Mac.

Mac Power Issue Repair

Expert Mac Repair Service - MacBook Battery Replacement Service lewisville

Power Supply Repair

If your Mac is having issue powering on then it is most likely the issue you might have with your power supply in the case of desktop or all in one Mac like Mac Pro, Mac Mini or iMac and in case of Mac laptop such as the MacBook, MacBook Air and the MacBook Pro you might have issues with your Mac Charging Port ( MagSafe 1, MagSafe2 or USB- C) not registering the correct charge or functioning. Bring your Mac with Power issue to us where we can diagnose your issue and get it fixed.

Mac Logic Board Repair

Is your Mac not turning on or taking charge then this could be due to the issue with your logic board. The logic board consists of all the components necessary for your Mac to turn on and if there is damage due to liquid, electrical fluctuation or overheating then this could leave your Mac to not turn or have power issues such as frequent restarts or not taking charge or overheating while plugged to a power source. We can help fix issues with your logic board of your Mac.

Battery Replacement

Sometimes if you’re experiencing power issues on your Mac then you might just be in need of a battery replacement service. Does your MacBook send you notification saying service battery or have you checked your MacBook battery health and it has crossed over 1000 life cycles? Does your MacBook turn off immediately after you unplug the charger or do you have a swollen battery? If so, then just bring your Mac to us and we can get your MacBook Battery Replaced for you.

Mac Liquid Damage Repair

Expert Mac Repair Service - Liquid Damage Repair Lewisville

Ultrasonic Cleaning

Is your Mac not turning on after you spilled liquid on it? Well liquid being spilled on any electronic device can actually damage your computer pretty bad. If not properly taken care of after spilling liquid on it, your Mac could be non-functional and most importantly the effects of liquid damage on your MacBook or Mac device could take place after a couple of days so it is very important to have your MacBook or Mac device professionally cleaned by experts to ensure that your MacBook won’t have issues in the future.

Keyboard Replacement

More often when you spill liquid on your MacBook then the liquid usually is spilled on the keyboard and trackpad region of the Mac and after the spill there is a big chance that could leave your keyboard or trackpad to not work. This doesn’t mean that you have to throw away your Mac and buy another one. It just means that you need to take it to a repair shop to have it looked at and get an expert’s opinion to get it fixed or replaced. We can help replace your keyboard and trackpad for your MacBook if you need.

Component Repair

Once liquid enters into your Mac then there are a lots of components that could be effected including battery, flex, wire, capacitors and resistors on the logic board, screen, hard drive or solid state drive, etc. These individual components could be damaged and this could make your Mac non-functional. If you need to fix your Mac after a liquid spill then you can contact our Mac repair specialists who will diagnose the issues with your Mac and provide you with the best repair option for your Mac.

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